Donald Trump’s Niece Claims He Took Advantage Of His ‘Mentally Impaired’ Father

U.S. President Donald Trump stops to speak to reporters as he prepared to board Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House on January 19, 2019 in Washington, DC.
Pete Marovich / Getty Images

As Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, prepares for the release of a tell-all book on her uncle, damning accusations she made in 2000 have resurfaced. According to the Daily Mail, Mary Trump and her brother, Fred Trump III, claimed in a lawsuit that the president and his siblings, Robert and Maryanne, manipulated their “mentally impaired” father, Fred Trump Sr., to remove their niece and nephew from his will.

“At the time the will was executed, my grandfather was suffering from senile dementia and significant memory impairment,” she alleged in an affidavit.

“‘My brother and I believe that the will is the product of undue influence and coercion by defendants upon my grandfather, who clearly lacked the requisite mental capacity to make a will.”

According to Mary Trump, Donald Trump and his siblings lied under oath in their deposition testimony by claiming that their father was not suffering from diminished mental capacity.

“The medical records, however, tell a very different tale,” she argued.

Dr. Philip D. Wilson, the surgeon-in-chief at Cornell University Medical College, allegedly raised concerns about Fred Trump Sr.’s mental health. Court papers reveal that Wilson, who performed hip replacement surgery on the president’s father in 1991, said that he had a “confused state of mind” that appeared to have been “aggravated by the procedure.” In addition, a neuropsychological evaluation by Professor Rajendra Jutagir reportedly claimed that Fred Trump Sr. could not remember his birthdate, age, and first two digits of the year.

The lawsuit, filed in April 2000 at Nassau County court in Long Island, New York, was reportedly settled confidentially. The accusations have resurfaced due to the spotlight on Mary Trump and her forthcoming book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man.

In the affidavit, Mary Trump also accused her uncle Robert of making “barely veiled” threats in order to pressure her to sign waivers and consents that would agree to the terms of her grandfather’s will.

Mary Trump previously accused the president and his father of ignoring her own father, Fred Trump Jr. — who died in 1981 at the age of 42 — as he struggled with addiction. While the cause of Fred Trump Jr.’s death was a heart attack, his passing was allegedly the result of his long struggle with alcoholism.

Too Much and Never Enough is set to release on August 11. The Republican National Convention is planned just weeks later and runs from August 24 through August 27.