Fox News Guest Paul Batura's Father's Day Message To His Three Adopted Sons' Bio Dads: 'Well Done'

Fox News guest Paul Batura penned a Father's Day opinion editorial that read like an open letter to the biological fathers of his three adopted sons, thanking them for making the decision to allow another family to adopt and raise their children.

Batura's piece, which was published on the Fox News site on Sunday, began by acknowledging that many fathers don't have a large role in adoption, beyond giving their consent to allow the child to be given up. He went on to say that he has had the "privilege of being a father" since 2002, but he and wife Julie lost several children to miscarriages before adopting their three sons.

Batura then admitted that he had only met one of the boys' fathers at his birth, saying that it was a "pleasant exchange" but that he was so nervous he couldn't remember much about it.

"But on this Father's Day, I am thinking of these three men from Colorado and Nebraska," Batura said.

"If I had addresses, here is what I would like to share with the biological fathers of our boys, who are now 14, 9 and 8."
The dad of three said that while he believes the biological fathers have never met each other, they are now "linked together" due to their three boys being brothers.

Batura went on to talk about the Christian values and family ties that he and his wife have attempted to instill in their sons, saying he believes that if any of the biological fathers happened upon their house, they would be pleased with what they saw.

The writer was honest about the fact that he was at first selfishly concerned about adoption because the boys wouldn't have his DNA, saying that those frustrations have been put to rest now because if they were part him, "they'd be different than who they are – and that would be a tragedy."

Batura ended his letter by saying that he believed it would be "impossible for me to tell you just how much I love being their dad."

"It's better than a dream come true because there are countless little things I never even thought to dream about when fantasizing about fatherhood. It's the small moments and memories that loom largest in my mind."
The adoptive dad said that he understands that the boys' biological fathers were likely not in a position to take care of the children and the reasons that came to pass weren't nearly as important to him as the decision they made.

Batura also gave the boys' fathers credit and immense thanks for allowing their boys to be raised in an intact family, remembering to honor their decision on Father's Day.

"Well done – and Happy Father's Day."
Batura was one of many who had messages for the dads in their lives, including first daughter Tiffany Trump and former first daughter Jenna Bush.