Woman Can’t Pay Cab Fare, So She Attacks Driver With Nipple Twister

Boulder, CO – Here’s our submission for “strangest story of the day.” A Colorado woman was arrested after an altercation with a cab driver which apparently included a vicious nipple twister attack.

This is the kind of story that twists (pun intended) and turns around every corner. Pepper Varga, a 23-year-old woman from Longmont, was picked up by a cabbie and driven home last week. She was unable to pay her fare, and invited the cab driver into an apartment. We don’t know if her plan was to seduce him or if she made an excuse about the money being inside, but once he got out of the cab, she attacked him.

She punched him in the abdomen and hit him with a can of iced tea as he attempted to get back into his car. She followed him back to the car, forced her way inside, got on top of him, bit his shoulder, and grabbed and twisted his nipple.

He managed to get her out of the cab, after which she punched the window, kicked the door, and mounted the cab, standing on the roof.

When officers arrived, they found the cab driver near his vehicle, and Varga standing near a tree. She took a swig of peppermint schnapps (classy) and approached officers, resisting arrest. They were apparently immune to her nipple twister finishing move, and she was arrested.

The cab driver is expected to pull through, saying that he wasn’t badly injured aside from pain from the “nipple twisting.”

Varga, meanwhile, was charged with first-degree criminal trespassing, misdemeanor third-degree assault, obstruction of a peace officer, resisting arrest, and criminal mischief. She’ll return to court on April 19 for a preliminary hearing on the felony charge.

The real lesson here is … okay, there is no lesson here. Nipple twisters hurt.

[Image via: txking, Shutterstock.com]