June 20, 2020
Mike Gundy Has Reportedly Not Talked To Alfred Williams Since Being Accused Of Uttering Racist Comment

Former Oklahoma State quarterback and current head coach Mike Gundy continues to come under fire this week. On Wednesday, former Colorado Buffaloes standout defender and NFL player Alfred Williams renewed claims that Gundy once aimed a racial slur in his direction. On Thursday, Williams talked to Sean Keeler of the Denver Post and told the writer that he's never from Gundy about the decades-old accusation. The former defensive star said while Gundy hasn't given him a call to discuss the allegations, plenty of former teammates have. He added that all those who have reached out to him are backing up his claims.

"I've heard from teammates that I haven't heard from in 25-plus years that were on the field during that time that said, 'I can recall the exact same thing.'" Williams told Keeler.

The incident in question is reported to have happened in 1989 when Gundy was playing for the team he now coaches. Williams and the Buffaloes beat Gundy and the Cowboys, 41-17. Directly after the game, the quarterback did deny the allegations made against him, but Williams claims the two never spoke about directly.

In talking to Keeler, Williams asked the writer why he would have lied about the slur when he first told the media about it, given his team won. In bringing it back up, he once again swore not only that he was telling the truth but that there were more than 20 teammates who were around when the racial slur was aimed at him. He expressed outrage that Gundy has never apologized to him and that the coach wouldn't call to discuss the allegation when it was raised again earlier this week.

Gundy has been embroiled in a different controversy for the last week. It started when he had his picture taken wearing a T-shirt with the logo of far-right news network OAN emblazoned on it. As The Inquisitr previously reported, when current Oklahoma State running back Chuba Hubbard saw the picture on social media, he proclaimed he wouldn't associate himself with the university until "things changed."

Hubbard and other members of the team met with Gundy and appear to have worked out their differences. The running back and his coach posted a video on social media where the player apologized for his reaction to the T-shirt. A few days after that video was posted, Gundy came out and said he understood why some of his players took offense at the shirt, adding that he was dumb for having worn it in the first place.