Rob Gronkowski Rocks Sparkly Spandex And Wows With Ribbon Dance Routine

Rob was competing on the reality series 'Game On!'

Rob Gronkowski attends "Gronk Beach" at North Beach Bandshell & Beach Bowl
Joe Scarnici / Getty Images for Wrangler

Rob was competing on the reality series 'Game On!'

Rob Gronkowski continued proving that he’s a man of many talents on Wednesday night’s episode of the CBS reality series Game On! Ahead of the show, Rob took to Twitter to share a clip of the ribbon dance that he performed during the competition, and it was a huge hit with his fans.

Rob had a brief stint in the WWE and he competed on The Masked Singer, so fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end know that he’s not afraid to put himself out there and try new things. This is exactly what he did last night on Game On!, a reality competition that pits teams of sports stars and celebrities against one another as they take on a variety of different challenges. Rob leads one team, while tennis champ Venus Williams captains the other group. They’re joined by comedians Bobby Lee and Ian Karmel, along with a rotating pair of celebrities and sports stars. Keegan-Michael Key hosts the show.

One of this week’s challenges was to perform a rhythmic gymnastics routine. Rob’s blue team consisted of Bobby and comedian Nicole Byer, and they were five points behind Venus’ red team going into the rhythmic gymnastics competition. Venus’ teammates were Ian and MLB player David Ortiz.

Ahead of the show, Rob, Bobby, and Ian had headed to a training facility to try their hand at performing with various rhythmic gymnastics apparatuses. Their teacher was USA National Team Coach Julie Itkina, who complimented Rob on how he mastered the spiral move while they were practicing with the ribbon apparatus.

“I got three Super Bowl rings. Like, you don’t think I can twirl a ribbon?” Rob said.

After just one day of practice, Rob, Ian, and Bobby performed in front of a panel of judges. Rob rocked a blue spandex singlet decorated with sparkling rhinestones, and he danced to the Foreigner song “I Want to Know What Love Is.”

The confident athlete demonstrated true artistry as he got up on his toes and twirled a rainbow-colored ribbon around. Rob appeared to give the performance his all as he sprinted around the floor and gracefully leaped through the air. He also dramatically tossed the ribbon stick high into the air before catching it. His Twitter followers loved his performance.

“I don’t think rhythmic gymnastics has ever been this amazing before! The poise, the grace, the passion!” read one fan’s review.

“I can’t lie, this has got to be one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, very impressive,” another Twitter user wrote.

“I give it a 10 across the board for the performance and the outfit,” a third commenter remarked.

Rob easily defeated Ian, who danced with a shiny ball, and Bobby, who performed with the hoop apparatus. Unfortunately, his team ultimately lost the competition, and Big Papi wasn’t quite as impressed when Gronk whipped out a ribbon stick later on for an encore.

“I hope Tom Brady ain’t watching this,” the former Red Sox star quipped.