Charles Barkley Wears A Tight Shirt, Internet Laughs

Chalres Barkley doesn’t look good wearing a tight shirt. But he does look funny.

A photo of the 50-year-old Hall of Famer in an extremely ill-fitting shirt has been floating around the today. There’s not a lot of information available about the photo except for the fact that Charles Barkley should not wear tight shirts.

The image was emailed to the website Deadspin this morning with “Charles Barkley Swapping Shirts with a Bro” written in the subject line.

The subject line could just be a joke. Or, it could mean that Barkley was hanging out with some bros over the weekend when he decided that he wanted to wear someone else’s shirt. The NBA legend then pointed at some small fella, yelled “give me your shirt, chump,” and then posed for a silly photo.

Either that or Charles Barkley is a little too optimistic about his weight loss.

The NBA star has struggled with his weight since leaving the NBA and even filmed a few commercials for Weight Watchers.


Barkley told ESPN in 2011: “I played in NBA at about 250 pounds, and when I took my physical I was at 350 … So I had gained 100 pounds since I quit, and my doc said to me, ‘Let me break this to you: If you keep going this way, you’re going to die [young]. You’re going to have a stroke or you’re going to develop diabetes or you’re going to have a heart attack or hypertension. But A, B or C is going to happen.’ And I realized A, B and C were all bad. I also realized I don’t want to be an old person who was always sick or taking all kinds of pills.”

Here’s the photo of Charles Barkley in a tight shirt.

charles barkley

Apparently Barkley posed in his tight shirt with a few fans this weekend. You can see another ridiculous photo of Sir Charles here.