‘Lost Planet 3’ Delayed Until August

Lost Planet 3‘s release has been delayed again. While the game was slated for at June 25 release the title’s developers have decided that gamers will now have to wait until August. Capcom actually kind of hid the announcement of the delay in a long release about their scheduled games for the year.

At the very end of the release was the information that the game would not be available in the United States until August 27 and won’t be available in Europe until August 30.

This is actually the second delay for the game, as it was originally slated for “early” 2013.

It doesn’t seem likely that “early” meant June in the original plans. Lost Planet 3 has been met with some low key expectations, mainly because it is the third installment in a series that has never been at the top of the heap.

There are some changes to this particular title that might make it a little more enticing to people who enjoyed the first two titles in the series but we have to wonder why the game is being slated for an even later release date.

Is there a chance that the game is even getting more revamping? Is Capcom trying to find a way to get the game on the next generation consoles?

The company isn’t talking alot about the recent delay and the fact that they buried the news at the bottom of a release shows they don’t really want to talk about it.

One change for the game, that could bring in some fans is the ability to control Mechs. The title is coming to the PC, the Xbox 360 and the PS3. There is still not any mention of the game coming to the Wii U and at this point its pretty clear that isn’t in the cards.

Are you going to play Lost Planet 3 when it finally comes out?