Peter Cincotti Linked To Katie Holmes, Named Tod’s First Male Ambassador

Is Peter Cincotti dating Katie Holmes? Or is the rumor just a tantalizing way to create a little publicity?

Either way, the 29-year-old jazz singer is a rising star with the recent release of his new album Metropolis. According to the New York Post, the Italian line of luxury leather goods Tod’s has now named Cincotti to be their first male ambassador.

He has also been asked to perform for them in June at Milan Fashion Week.

The Katie Holmes rumors may or may not have much substance. According to some reports, the two have been dating for awhile behind the scenes.

The supposedly inside — and unnamed — source said that the two had met a couple of weeks ago at a party in New York. They flirted. They liked what they saw. And then they dated not once but allegedly multiple times. Hmm.

Holmes divorced eccentric Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise last summer but has said that she isn’t ready to date again and that she wants to focus on their daughter Suri. As for Cruise, he said today that he simply hadn’t expected the divorce. “Life is a challenge,” he confessed.

Although the anonymous source embellished the story of the Peter Cincotti/ Katie Holmes flirtation, even stating that her friends approved because he brought flowers and knew how to “treat her like a lady,” I wouldn’t be too quick to assume that Holmes has already jumped back into the dating pool.

According to a terse statement in the Italian Vogue, Katie Holmes’ rep has denied the rumors and said that the two did meet at one party but they have never flirted or dated. You’re left with the impression that poor Katie Holmes meets just scads of guys who would love to have their name linked to hers.

Peter Cincotti appears to be a fortunate man who has it all, but he might not have Katie Holmes. What do you think?

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