Bruno Mars Concert Sells Out Instantly In Hawaii

In a record-breaking explosion, Bruno Mars tickets sold out fast in Hawaii, faster than some concert promoters have ever seen. Whether it's from the amazing performance he gave at the super bowl this year or just the natural response of this young musician's talent, tickets were gone in a record setting two hours.

People were prepared and anxious to get a hold of tickets before they were all gone. As KHON 2 reports, hundreds of people were lining up outside of the mall where the box office was located hours before the tickets went on sale. But those extra hours of waiting were not enough for most eager fans. ABC NEWS stated that a mere 6% of tickets were sold at the ticket office, while most were snatched up online as soon as Internet vendors were given the green light. Internet sales go much faster than physical sales, which is probably one of the main reasons Bruno Mars sold out so fast in Hawaii.

Few people were unimpressed with Mars' performance during the super bowl earlier this month. After his stunning show, record sales of his new album jumped and he is expected to be landing a higher spot on the Billboard 200 chart. His newest album has been reported selling tens of thousands of copies since that fateful halftime show, with projections that this number will only grow in the upcoming weeks. With numbers like that, Mars' tickets selling out fast in Hawaii does not seem so crazy.

While there was worry before Sunday's performance that Bruno Mars would fall short of previous super bowl half time shows, Mars' subsequent ticket sales speak for themselves. The first two nights sold out in about half an hour, requiring the addition of a third, previously unplanned, performance. Despite this addition, many fans were still outraged at the lack of available tickets, especially those in his home state. Mars' selling out fast in Hawaii may not have been anticipated by those living close to the venue. Almost half of the tickets that were purchased got scooped up by fans who live outside of Hawaii, a statistic that frustrated some locals, especially locals who had been camping out for most of the day.

Only time will tell what fame has in store for this bright new star, but for now, this writer is getting ready to be first in line for the next Bruno Mars concert, and hoping that actually gets her a ticket.