John David & Abbie Duggar Share Rare Photo Of 5-Month-Old Daughter Grace

John and Abbie DuggarInstagram

John David and Abbie Duggar aren’t as active on social media as other members of their family, so it’s always a rare treat when they share any photos of their family. On Saturday, the Counting On stars decided to thrill their 523,000 followers by posting a new Instagram snap of their baby girl, Grace Annette Duggar.

Their little girl just turned 5 months old on June 7. John and Abbie celebrated by sharing a recent picture of her on the social media platform and it’s totally adorable. Gracie, as they call her, is now holding her head up, as seen in the snapshot. She was lying on her tummy showing off what she has accomplished. Her bright blue eyes were staring straight ahead with an innocent look on her face. She pursed her lips as if she was trying to say something in baby talk.

The Duggar granddaughter was wearing a cute lavender dress that had elastic around her tiny waist and also around the sleeves. She had white leggings underneath the dress as well. Her small head was adorned with a matching headband that had a flower attached.

Adding to the adorable outfit, Grace wore a sparkly baby bracelet on her left wrist. It appears that this accessory may be a new trend in the Duggar family lately. Joe and Kendra Duggar had recently posted a photo of their 7-month-old daughter Addison, and she had a bracelet on her left wrist as well. These pieces of jewelry could have a special meaning – possibly a gift from a family member or friend of the family.

There were two white blocks piled beside her with grey lettering to emphasize how old she is now. Duggar fans adored the new photo of Gracie. They quickly took to the comments section to express their excitement at seeing how adorable she is.

“She is so beautiful she looks just like her Momma,” one follower said.

“My goodness, she is precious!!!” another fan replied.

Even Jinger Duggar’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo, got in on the baby excitement, along with everyone else.

“Oh. My. Good. Ness,” he simply wrote.

In addition to the single snapshot, the couple also shared two other pics on their Instagram stories that show their daughter in different poses. The first one showed Grace sitting in a chair with the same outfit on. She looks like she was in the middle of a big giggle spree with her mouth wide open and her eyes shining bright.

The second in the two-series set was very similar to the first one, but it was taken at a different angle. She was still in smiling mode though.