Arie Luyendyk Jr. And Lauren Burnham Are Still Coming To Grips With Her Miscarriage, Having A 'Tough' Time

Former Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. and his wife Lauren Burnham are still in the midst of the healing process after she recently suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage. The couple opened up regarding how they are doing emotionally on their family YouTube channel recently and admitted that times have been difficult, according to Us Weekly.

The pair, who have one child together named Alessi, first revealed the news of Burnham's miscarriage on May 30. They explained that they had been overjoyed to welcome a second child into their lives. They began to make preparations for the new child, even purchasing a new house so they would have more room for the new addition to their family. When they found out they had lost the baby, they were crushed and have been slowly learning how to come to grips with this painful event.

In their recent video, Burnham took the time to express her gratitude towards their many fans and followers who have reached out to them with words of comfort and kindness recently.

"Thank you for all the love and support you've shown us over the past week. It's been a tough time for us. It's been a tough time for everybody in the world, obviously. There's a lot happening," she began, holding her daughter Alessi in her arms.

Luyendyk then chimed in to express just how much these thoughtful messages mean to them as a family during this challenging time.

"We've read a lot of your comments. So much overwhelming support for us, and it just really put a smile on our faces because this has been a really tough week especially for Lauren, but we're getting through it day by day," he said.

The pair decided to continue with their move, despite the fact that they may have to wait a little bit longer to welcome a second child into their lives. Not all of their recent vlog was heavy, there were still plenty of laughs as they documented the moving process and shared updates regarding their lives. They also shared a heartwarming clip of Alessi taking her first steps.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Burnham previously shared a little bit about the day that she found out she had lost her baby. After her first two doctor's appointments, doctors shared some concerns regarding her pregnancy. However, it was not until the third doctor's appointment that she discovered that she had a miscarriage. The pair decided to keep the news to themselves for a while before opening up about it.