Five Stabbed At Lone Star College

2:00 PM UPDATE – Lone Star College local Fox News affiliate has confirmed that 14 people were stabbed at the Cy-Fair campus. A total of 12 stabbing victims were reportedly transported to local hospitals for care. A student allegedly used an “Exacto” knife, or a box cutter style instrument to stab the Lone Star College students. Concerns about a second suspect have now supposedly diminished. At least four of the Lone Star College stabbing victims are allegedly believed to be in critical condition.

The student believed to have stabbed Lone Star College students supposedly carries around a stuffed monkey on campus. Lone Star College remains on lockdown. A press conference is planned for around 3 pm. The weapon in the incident has reportedly not be found by Harris County law enforcement officers. Officers now feel a single suspect ran from building to building and attacked students and possibly staff, at random. The suspect was allegedly wrestled to the ground by a student, and was detained until campus police officers arrived on scene. Some witnesses have said that the Lone Star College suspect may be hearing impaired.

One eyewitness interviewed stated that he was hiding in a room with 50 other people. The male student said they wished that they could protect themselves on campus. He also stated that right now they can only rely on God to protect them, but he would like to rely on God and gun for his personal safety.

1:30 PM UPDATE -The Lone Star College stabbings may include two suspects. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office has one suspect in custody. The most recent victim updates indicate that 14 people were stabbed on the Cy-Fair campus. Warning alerts going out locally ask that people stay away from the campus, indicating that the situation may still be fluid. There is no word yet about a possible motive for the stabbings on the Lone Star College campus.

Five people were stabbed at Lone Star College, according to breaking news reports. The incident occurred on the Cy-Fair campus in Texas. Multiple injuries have been reported by local media outlets. The Lone Star College stabbings reportedly took place inside the Health Science Center building.

One victim was reportedly transferred to Memorial Hermann Hospital by Life Flight. Two other stabbing victims were transported to an area hospital via ambulance. The injury and location status of the remaining two victims is currently unknown.

Early reports after the Lone Star College stabbings came from social media posts by students and staff on the Cy-Fair campus. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office reportedly detained a suspect in the Houston area college stabbings. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, three people were wounded at another Lone Star College campus in January.

Some unconfirmed reports from the Cy-Fair campus stabbings indicate the injury count could be as high as eight to 16 people. The stabbing victim transported by Life Flight is allegedly in critical condition.

The Inquisitr will publish more information about the Lone Star College stabbings as soon as details become available.

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