Google Working On Smartphones With Voice-To-Voice Translation Services Built-In

Google has always offered excellent text-to-text translation services, now the company is apparently working on Smartphone software that would allow users to talk in their own language, while having their speech immediately translated into the language of whomever their speaking to.

The software would greatly benefit overseas travelers and business executives who often must rely on a translator or speaking in broken language.

According to GizmoWatch:

“Speech-to-speech translation is possible with ‘high-accuracy machine translation and high-accuracy voice recognition’ only. The idea is that the users phone would adapt to the user by learning their style of talking and make it easier to translate in real time.

No word yet as to when mobile users can expect to see the new technology, or if it will be available on phones other than Google created offerings. In any case, the ability to speak freely to anyone in any language would be worth the download.