'America's Got Talent': 10-Year-Old Singer Gets Golden Buzzer From Sofia Vergara

Lucille Barilla

The newest America's Got Talent judge, former Modern Family star Sofia Vergara, used her Golden Buzzer to send one singer all the way to the live shows during the second auditions episode of Season 15. Roberta Battaglia, a 10-year-old singer, received the pass from the actress after a stunning rendition of a popular film song.

Roberta performed a version of the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper hit "Shallow" from the seven-time Oscar-nominated film A Star is Born. The song itself won an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

At the conclusion of Roberta's performance, both the judges and audience gave Roberta a standing ovation. The judges all appeared in agreement that Roberta had a great talent. Roberta told the judges that she had experienced being bullied while in school. In response, Simon stated to the young girl to ignore those people who tried to make her sad because she was now "happy and successful," something he claimed bullies hate.

The former Modern Family star then stood up and said out loud, "Let's see who is going to bully you after this!"

She slammed her hand down on the Golden Buzzer and showered the 10-year-old in confetti. Roberta joined Terry Crews's Golden Buzzer pick from the first episode of the season, homeless singers Voice of Our City Choir, both of whom will perform during the series' live shows. These are expected to air sometime in August.