Teen Crushed To Death In Garbage Truck As Workers Looked On

A teen was crushed to death in a garbage truck in Luxembourg as helpless sanitation workers looked on.

The French teenager was hidden inside a garbage container that was emptied into a garbage truck on Saturday, police said. The 17-year-old boy wasn’t noticed initially by workers, but started to cry out as the container was dumped into the truck.

But by then there was nothing they could do. The truck was already in the midst of its crushing mechanism, and despite the boys cries there was nothing the workers could do.

“He cried out, but it was already too late,” a spokeswoman for Luxembourg police said.

The young boy’s death is similar to an incident that took place in Long Island last month. Police said 18-year-old Louis Camarillo was working at a recycling plant putting paper into a truck when the compactor somehow came down on his chest and crushed him. The trash worker was rushed to Long Island College Hospital where he died.

A young trash worker was crushed to death when the truck he was loading it with recycling material had its hydraulic compactor activated, trapping him inside.

Witnesses say that Camarillo got caught in the truck’s hydraulics system and was unable to escape.

“The guy got squashed between the pay loader and the truck,” Tony Lima, a nearby worker, told the New York Post.

Police and OSHA workers investigated the scene, but said they believed it was just an accident and no charges were filed.

Another garbage truck incident last summer had a happier ending. A drunk man who passed out inside a dumpster was collected into a garbage truck and crushed, but his screams alerted the driver in time to stop it from crushing him to death.

The teen crushed to death in the garbage truck over the weekend died on the scene. Police said they are conducting an investigation into the incident.