‘One Piece’ Episode 930 Delayed Again, Release Date Still In Limbo

One Piece features Straw Hat Pirates crew.
tofoli.douglas / Flickr/ Public Domain

It has been more than a month since One Piece anime released a new episode. Week after week, fans have been hoping that One Piece Episode 930 would be finally available. Unfortunately, as the coronavirus pandemic remains uncontrolled, the release of Episode 930 is delayed once again.

According to StrawHatManga, there is a strong chance that One Piece Episode 930 won’t be coming out until the last week of June or the first week of July. The Japanese government has reportedly issued strict orders about working and quarantining that greatly affected not only One Piece, but also other animes like Re: Zero, Food Wars, and Black Clover. Though the release date for the next episode of One Piece remains unknown, fans have already started making predictions regarding what will happen next.

Based on how One Piece Episode 929 ended, StrawHatManga believes that the upcoming episode would mainly focus on Straw Hat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy and his current situation in the Excavation Labor Camp in Udon.

“From the ending scene, they showed that in the next episode, i.e, One Piece Ep 930. Luffy will defeat Daifugo and beat up other prison guards. Raizo has appeared in prison. A fat guy, with Queen flags, is heading towards Udon. Luffy fighting with prison guards is a grave offense and he will definitely be sentenced to death. However, will he manage to escape the prison before that? Or will he face the challenge of execution? We know Captain Kidd escaped even though he was kept in Luffy’s cell. So it is not impossible.”

Instead of killing him in their first face-off, Beast Pirates captain and Emperor Kaido sent Luffy to prison with the hope that he could break his spirit and convince him to become his subordinate. However, since Luffy arrived at the Excavation Labor Camp in Udon, he’s brought nothing but headache to the jail guards and warden. Despite wearing Seastone handcuffs, Luffy still continues to do as he likes and beats anyone who tries to get in his way.

After seeing his friend Old Man Hyo being harmed for no reason, Luffy is once again set to be involved in more trouble — this time against Daifugo, a vice warden in the Prisoner Mine. With his incredible physical strength, Luffy is still expected to defeat Daifugo in their upcoming fight. However, compared to the last time that he defeated a Beast Pirate, Luffy would now be facing the consequences of his actions.

A One Piece Episode 930 preview hinted at the meeting between Luffy and Beast Pirates All-Star Queen the Plague at the Excavation Labor Camp in Udon. Luffy may have succeeded in taking down several Beast Pirates headliners even without using his devil fruit ability, but Queen is on a different level. After learning what Luffy did to his subordinates, Queen is set to give him and Old Man Hyo a grave punishment which is highly likely to be a death sentence.