Xbox 720 Expected To Be Unveiled May 21

The Xbox 720 is set to be revealed officially on May 21. Microsoft has originally been talking about finally showing off what is, at the moment, nothing more than a myth in April.

These new rumors of a particular date are still coming from everyone but Microsoft itself. The company has been fending off one rumor or another ever since the Playstation 4 was officially announced.

The company hasn’t been helped by a recent member of their team taking to Twitter and trying to defend one of the rumored features, which would be an “always online” function of the machine.

Sources that are familiar with the company’s plans say that the unveiling will be taking place at a rather small venue. This might actually not be a full reveal but rather the beginning of trickling out information.

Xbox 720, or what the next Xbox is known by in internal memos, Durango, will then supposedly get a true and total reveal at E3 in June.

When the next Xbox is finally rolled out to the market, reports are that it could be quite expensive. Rumors are pointing to two different cost points for this particular console.

The next Xbox could also just be called “Xbox” and would have a subscription service that could be tied to its always online needs. Reports indicate that with a subscription the console would cost about $300.

If gamers chose to go without the subscription, it appears they could be paying upwards of $500 for the newest next generation gaming console.

Windows blogger Paul Tharrot is the one who has managed to get his hands on most of these insider tidbits, and he also seems to think that the device will finally be launching in November.

Tharrot also claims that alongside the ultra expensive Xbox, there will be paired down “Stingray” that will cost just $99.

What do you think of the latest Xbox 720 rumors?