June 1, 2020
'RHOA' Star Tanya Sam's Lounge Destroyed During Protests In Atlanta

The Real Housewives of Atlanta newbie, Tanya Sam, took to Instagram on Saturday to show the damage her business suffered during protests in Atlanta. The business owner posted a video of the damage while she discussed her feelings on the current situation.

Tanya Sam attends
Getty Images | Paras Griffin

"I'm just sad," Tanya said at the beginning of the seven-minute-long video.

The reality star and business owner stood in the center of her lounge, Agency Socialthèque, where the shattered glass from windows and doors was all scattered over the wood floors. Rioters and looters had damaged the restaurant during protests over the recent death of George Floyd, a young black man that died in police custody. The arresting officer was seen on film with a knee on the man's neck for over seven minutes.

"I know ya'll are mad, I'm mad, too," Tanya, visibly upset, told her fans as she surveyed the damage.

Tanya took the opportunity to share her sentiment on the current state of the world. The star was admittedly "up all night crying."

"Nobody is listening to us," the business owner continued.

As Tanya surveyed the damage, she was emotional that the "black-owned business" that she had created with "black art" adorning the walls was damaged. However, she did not place blame nor express any anger or frustration toward the protesters. Tanya was "not worried about a window." Instead, she showed empathy and concern.

"My heart goes out to everybody."

As for how the situation could be improved, Tanya said many times she "didn't know," but did lament that things "could have been so much different if we had different leadership."

Agency Socialthèque is a restaurant and lounge in the Buckhead section of Atlanta. The restaurant serves Southern-style cuisine while the bar offers various cocktails and hosts jazz nights on Sundays. Tanya said in her video that she created the club with the hope that people would be "come and feel safe."

Fans responded to the star's emotional post with sadness and well wishes.

"I'm so sorry this happened to your sanctuary for the people," one commenter wrote.

Others have called Tanya and offered to help clean up the lounge. In her video, Tanya thanked everyone for reaching out.

Tanya wasn't the only The Real Housewives of Atlanta star that had shared her thoughts on police brutality and the current protests. Co-star Porsha Williams marched in Atlanta on Friday. Her interview with CNN was posted on social media by Housewives executive producer Andy Cohen.