Jaime Pressly, Estella Warren Get Into Argument At Birthday Party

Jaime Pressly Estella Warren Purse Argument

Jaime Pressly and Estella Warren were questioned by police after getting into a heated exchange during a birthday party on Friday night.

The two actresses reportedly got into a disagreement at Bootsy Bellows in Los Angeles. Although the birthday celebration started at a house in L.A., some of the party-goers decided to move the festivities to this particular Hollywood hot spot.

The problem started when Jaime Pressly’s assistant couldn’t find her purse. The pair soon discovered that the missing item had been transported to Bootsy Bellows after using a “find my iPhone” app. This is where the confrontation with Estella Warren took place.

When Pressly and her assistant arrived, they attempted to retrieve the purse from Warren. However, the Planet of the Apes co-star insisted that the item in question belonged to her. The argument soon escalated to the point that police were called to the scene.

“Jaime was trying to get it back. She wasn’t aggressive, but she was forceful,” an insider explained to Us Magazine.

To make matters worse for Jaime Pressly, her assistant, and Estella Warren, drugs were discovered inside the purse. The former My Name is Earl co-star and her assistant both submitted themselves to a drug test after claiming the drugs didn’t belong to them.

“Jaime and her assistant were volunteering for a drug test. They said the drugs weren’t theirs. It was this crazy mess,” the source explained.

Warren Pressly Argument

Details about the incident are actually few and far between. Although it’s clear that Jaime Pressly and Estella Warren butted heads over the missing purse, West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department has refused to reveal more since the investigation is currently on-going.

The actresses weren’t the only famous faces who decided to move the birthday party to Bootsy Bellows. Zac Efron and Adam Lambert were also in attendance on the evening in question.

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