'Bold And The Beautiful' Preview For Wednesday, May 27: Betty White Plays Ann Douglas, Stephanie's Mom

The Bold and the Beautiful preview for Wednesday, May 27 has an 85-year-old Betty White starring as Ann Douglas. She played the role of Stephanie Douglas Forrester (Susan Flannery) and Pam Douglas' (Alley Mills) mother. She occasionally appeared on the soap before her character passed away peacefully. Ann didn't want to die in the hospital, so her daughters took her to the beach, where she died in their arms.

This week, the world's most-watched sudser is looking back at episodes featuring some of the most famous celebrities who have guest-starred on the show. This particular episode first aired on February 27, 2007, per SheKnows Soaps.

Eric's New Venture

As reported by The Inquisitr, Eric Forrester (John McCook) wanted to set up new fashion boutiques. Even though Stephanie was initially against the idea, she agreed to support her husband in this venture.

However, it seemed as if Ann and Pam were supporting Eric more than Stephanie was, and they looked at photos of the new boutique. They made suggestions and asked questions while Stephanie fumed and seemed to be irritated by them.

Pam said that she had a pot roast in the oven and that they needed to eat. But Stephanie felt that it could wait until she showed their mother the condos that she thought were suitable for her to move into.

Ann Wants To Stay & Stirs The Pot

However, Ann found fault with every condo. She then criticized Stephanie for not being a good wife to Eric. She felt that Stephanie's only contribution to Forrester Creations was the money that her father had given her. She thought that her daughter should stay out of Eric's business matters and stick to providing him with a comfortable home. She felt that it was Stephanie's duty to have a hot meal and a warm bed for her husband.

Stephanie was livid and told her mother that she had overstayed her welcome. She wanted to send her and Pam back to Chicago. Ann pointed out that Pam took better care of Eric than Stephanie did.

Eric & Stephanie At Odds

Stephanie returned to Eric and told him that her mother needed to leave. Eric was having none of it and said that Ann could stay in the guesthouse forever.

Eric felt that Stephanie was not supporting him and wasn't much of a wife in bed either. Stephanie said that she couldn't turn into a desiring wife on a whim. She left for the new retail store and told him that she was the one who made his dreams a reality.