Netflix 'Dark' Season 3: Series Creator Teases On Instagram That News Is Imminent

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, news relating to the final season of Netflix's hit German time-traveling series, Dark, seems to be imminent. At the time, one of the show's creators announced that post-production work was complete on Season 3 and that news of a trailer would follow shortly. Now, Baran bo Odar seems to have posted to his official Instagram account that there is now a 24-hour countdown.

The image showed what appeared to be an apocalyptic scene with a lightning bolt going through the sky. Over this picture "24" is boldly displayed in opaque pink lettering. The Netflix logo is present in the bottom right-hand corner. In the caption, he simply stated "24hr..."

As yet, it is unclear just what will happen when the 24 hours is up. It seems likely that at least the trailer will drop, as promised in another recent post by him.

"Trailer on 24 hrs?!" one fan wrote in the comments section.

"Please be real! Please be real!!! No joke?!" another said.

The announcement is likely to be real and not a joke as bo Odar normally holds true to anything he posts to his Instagram account regarding news for Dark. However, the speculation will likely continue until the 24 hours is up. As of this writing, there are still nine hours to go until fans can expect further news.

Many viewers also suspect, now that post-production work is complete on Dark, that the final season will drop sometime around June 27, and this announcement will also be revealed once the trailer drops.

The reason for this estimated premiere date is that this is the same day that the apocalypse commenced in the TV series. Season 2 of the series also dropped a date significant to the complicated timeline that loops through Dark and setting a precedence.

Even before social distancing rules were enforced relating to the current coronavirus pandemic, plenty of viewers were already predicting this start date. With the sudden shutdown of filming, many suspected that a delay was unfortunately inevitable.

Other networks, such as AMC, have had to delay final post-production work and, as a result of this, the Season 10 finale of The Walking Dead has not yet aired. However, The Walking Dead is believed to still have some CGI work that was required and could not be done remotely. With Dark, bo Odor continued to work remotely on the series after filming was completed.

If June 27 is the correct date, having the trailer and premiere date announced one month prior to Season 3 starting seems like a solid marketing plan. However, viewers will just have to hold out a little longer regarding further news pertaining to this Netflix series.