WWE Rumors: The Undertaker Retirement Update

The Undertaker's future has been up in the air since WrestleMania 36. Some fans and pundits believe his match against AJ Styles was his final bout, but "The Phenom" has kept tight-lipped about his plans for the future.

According to WrestlingNews.co, details of the legendary superstar's intentions are being kept close to home for now. If fans want to know the answer, they should tune in to The Last Ride documentary series on the WWE Network.

"Whatever he is going to say will not be spoiled on the internet. None of us know if he's done. Other than his wife, I think the only person who would know would be Vince [McMahon]."
The Undertaker's WrestleMania 36 match saw him go out on a high note. Throughout the documentary series, he's revealed that he wants his final match to be a good one, as he doesn't want to seem like a shadow of his former self.

However, the future Hall of Famer still appears to be unsure of what his plans are. As the WrestlingNews.co report stated, The Undertaker was recently interviewed by ESPN, where he revealed he's been intending on retiring for a while, only to keep changing his mind.

"I've been retiring, personally, here when I'm at home, for at least six years. Every year I'll come back and I'm all beat up and everything hurts the next day, and I'm like, 'Man that's it.' And all I get from [Michelle McCool] is a big eye roll and she goes, 'Until April comes around.' She's been pretty accurate so far."

The Undertaker enters the arena

On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Styles teased a rematch between the pair. He is still reeling from his WrestleMania loss, so perhaps another bout between the duo is being planned.

Furthermore, while the WrestleMania match was well received, it wasn't traditional. Its cinematic nature allowed The Undertaker to work in a more relaxed style. However, his intention might be to end his career with a regular match, in front of a live crowd. Those answers should be revealed in the coming weeks, if the superstar has made his mind up.

Regardless of when The Undertaker decides to retire, he will go down in history as one of the best to ever step into the squared circle. Very few performers have reached the same heights he has and the fact he's been able to do it for so long is a testament to his ability and dedication to the business.