May 19, 2020
Alyssa Milano, 47, Sports A Sultry Look In Latest Instagram Share

Alyssa Milano, 47, sported a sultry look in her latest Instagram share in which she proudly displayed her love for America's pastime of baseball and her favorite team. As professional baseball, for the moment, has been put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, Alyssa shared her post as a love letter to the sport.

In the new upload, Alyssa was lying back on what appeared to be a white piece of furniture. It also looked to have a luxuriously plush pillow where the former Charmed star rested her head. The actress wore a cute Los Angeles Dodgers zip-up shirt or hoodie in the image. The comfy top was royal blue with white writing, matching the exact colors of the team's official jersey. It also had white piping on the sleeves.

The actress' long, brown hair was worn long and loose, framing her face and resting on the cushion of the seating area. She wore oversized, dark brown eyeglasses in the photo. The eyewear had a thick temple at the hinge that tapered into a thinner end.

Alyssa's makeup application was natural-looking and gorgeous. Her eyebrows appeared to be penciled into a perfect arch. She sported what looked like light brown eyeliner as well as lots of dark mascara that extended her lashes. Her cheekbones appeared to be highlighted with contour and a light dusting of shimmer to make them stand out. Alyssa's lips looked as if they were unlined, and a natural-looking lipstick appeared to have been added to enhance their fullness.

Alyssa's love for the game of baseball is well-documented. She even penned a book in 2009 titled Safe at Home: Confessions of a Baseball Fanatic. In an excerpt from the book, as reported by Today, Alyssa revealed she learned how to love and follow the game by watching it with her father every night.

Fans loved the sultry sports look and couldn't wait to share their own feelings about both their love for the game and the actress in the comments section of the post."Beautiful! I named my daughter after you btw. I always loved the name Alyssa," shared one follower.

"I miss seeing you on my tv screen. That's for sure!!" remarked a second fan.

"You just keep getting more beautiful with age. I love baseball and miss it too!" said a third admirer.

"We all miss baseball and stadium hot dogs too!!" wrote a fourth user.