‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Marital Woes For Franco & Elizabeth

General Hospital stars Roger Howarth and Rebecca Herbst.
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

While Franco-and-Elizabeth scenes have been few and far between lately, this week on General Hospital will bring the fan favorite couple back to the screen. However, not everything is blissful for the two these days. There is tension in the air between them and spoilers tease that even more trouble could be ahead for this pair.

Ever since Franco mentioned Liz not being a “real artist,” she has been bothered by the comment. Just that one insensitive remark has created a problem. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central tease that Franco will be feeling uneasy the week of May 18. That could be because his wife is giving him the cold shoulder over what he said. It seems to have struck a nerve with her and now she can’t seem to forget it.

Art is one common link that the two share; however, they have different ways of expressing themselves. Franco is a professional artist who is well-known for his dramatic portraits. His dark past had previously given him an edge in his artwork and many people loved it. Now his paintings are a little lighter, but he told Liz that he wants to go back to his dark side in order to sell his paintings for more money.

Liz is also a very talented artist, but she hasn’t picked up a paintbrush in quite a while. She doesn’t paint for money either. The couple is apparently having money troubles and Franco doesn’t feel like Liz understands his view as a true artist when it comes to selling his work. That has driven a wedge between them.

It appears that Nik and Ava’s plan is working. Each of them is out to cause some strife in the “Friz” household. They are trying to manipulate them into drawing closer to their own spouses. It’s a game they are playing, and Liz and Franco are caught in the middle of it.

Co-head writer Dan O’Connor told the print version of Soap Opera Digest that the tension will soon “come to a head.” He said that it could either make or break their marriage. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Liz and Franco will figure out what Ava and Nik are doing, and that may just quickly open their eyes.

Earlier this month, Nikolas ran into Liz at GH right after her argument with Franco. She was upset, but Liz took the time to give her longtime friend some advice on his marriage to Ava, and his son, Spencer. Nik is also a comfort to Liz and has been for many years, despite all that he has done that she hasn’t approved of. Ava is hoping that they grow even closer as part of their little game.