Sean Lowe Enjoys A Boat Day With His Baby Daughter Mia In Adorable Photo

Sean Lowe beamed while holding his infant daughter up to the camera.

Sean Lowe smiles at the camera.
Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images

Sean Lowe beamed while holding his infant daughter up to the camera.

Former Bachelor star Sean Lowe is melting hearts with his newest Instagram photo featuring his baby daughter, Mia. The family appeared to be enjoying a day at the lake while going for a boat ride. Lowe held up Mia, who was wearing a bright blue life jacket.

Mia, who was born in December of 2019, is the youngest child that Lowe shares with his wife, Catherine Giudici, whom he met while starring on The Bachelor. In the photo, the baby’s blue eyes were open wide as she stared at the camera. She stuck out her tongue, appearing to lick the jacket. A pink pacifier was clipped to it as well. The baby’s bare legs and feet poked out from underneath the safety garment, and she sported an adorable white bow on her head.

Lowe clutched the baby tightly while smiling at the camera. He kept things casual with a Nike baseball cap and plain T-shirt. In his caption, he joked about how the life jacket seemed to be nearly engulfing the baby, her head just barely popping out of the top.

Like his photos often do, the post earned plenty of positive feedback and gained over 72,000 likes in just a few hours. He boasts 1.2 million fans on the platform overall.

Fans flocked to the comments section to commend Lowe on his comical caption and to gush over how much Mia has grown.

“My daughter, mom and I just scrolled through a lot of your pictures and belly laughed at how precious you all are! Not to mention, your captions are epic!” one person wrote.

“This was my son last weekend. The life jacket swallowed him up, but in the most hilarious, adorable way,” commented another social media user.

While most of the comments were complimentary, there were a few people that took the time to express concerns regarding boating safety. Some people were upset that Mia was the only person wearing a life jacket.

“You wear one too Sean. If there is an accident you will need help too. I have had friends in boating accidents and life jackets saved all of their lives,” one person wrote.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Lowe and Giudici share two other children together, including 3-year-old Samuel Thomas Lowe and 1-year-old Isaiah Hendrix Lowe. The family resides in Dallas, Texas.

The pair have remained active on social media throughout the coronavirus pandemic, always sharing sweet photos of their family with comedic captions.