Dell’s Alienware X51 Gets Ubuntu-Based Linux Option

Dell on Friday began offering an Ubuntu-OS based version of its Alienware X51 gaming PC. The new option means customers can now choose between Windows or Ubuntu when making their purchase.

Thanks to the cheaper build costs based on the Ubuntu Linux system, users can save about $100 when choosing to ditch Microsoft Windows.

The Alienware X51 gaming PC comes pre-stocked with drivers from Nvidia so Linux users are ready to plug and play out of the box.

To help promote the Ubuntu Linux build Dell is pushing customers towards the Steam marketplace, which offers a good number of Linux-compatible games for purchase. Many of the Steam apps feature Big Picture Mode support for big-screen television output.

The Alienware X51 features Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors and offer up to 8GB of RAM. Also available is the option between Nvidia GeForce GT645 or GTX660 GPU’s.


The Ubuntu Linux OS can be purchased for $599. For that price, customers receive the Intel Core i3-3220 running at 3.3GHz with 6GB of DDR3 RAM, and a1GB GTX 645 GPU

The shift towards spotlighting Ubuntu could spell further trouble from Microsoft at a time when Windows 8 is being less than well received by general users. The lower cost of the Ubuntu OS could also force Microsoft to rethink its own pricing structure for future Windows OS updates.

Are you willing to give Ubuntu a test drive on a serious gaming system, or would you rather stick with the tested and proven Microsoft Windows setup for your gaming PC?