Lucy Hale Talks 'Katy Keene' Season 2 And Meghan Markle

The first season of Katy Keene has just ended but leading lady Lucy Hale is already dropping hints about what's to come if the show is renewed for Season 2, according to a report from Entertainment Tonight.

Katy Keene is a spin-off of Riverdale and it takes place five years into the future. The series follows an artistic group of friends as they try to find success in the city of New York. Hale stars in the series as Katy Keene, an aspiring fashion designer looking to dominate the runway while trying to figure out the identity of her father after the death of her mother. Katy's inner circle is made up of her friends: Pepper Smith, played by Julia Chan, Jorge/Ginger Lopez, played Jonny Beauchamp, and Riverdale's Josie McCoy, played by Ashleigh Murray.

At the end of Season 1, viewers were introduced to Leo Lacy, played by Cary Elwes, and it's believed he could be Katy's father. The young designer creates all her pieces on an old sewing machine that belonged to her mother. The machine has the initials "L.L." engraved and it was revealed that those machines were the property of the Lacy family. When asked whether Leo Lacy could actually be Katy's father, Hale said she certainly hopes so.

"You know, we would've given it to him really easy if it is," she said. "But I hope so, purely based on who they cast. He's amazing...It would be great for him to just join us and I love that Katy just immediately jumps to, 'I think you're my dad.'"

For Season 2, Hale said she hopes to see more of the original Riverdale ladies in New York City. She specifically mentioned Cheryl, played by Madelaine Petsch, and said both Katy and Cherly could bond over their love of the color red. Unfortunately, Hale's hopes for Season 2 are still up in the air as the series has not yet been renewed by the network.

As for her connection to royalty, it turns out that the actress filmed her first pilot with Meghan Markle but didn't actually share scenes together.

"It was an ABC pilot when I had just moved to LA. I was, like, 16. It was called Secrets of a Small Town and she was in that pilot," she said.

"I remember at the table read I was like, 'Oh my god, she's so beautiful.' But I don't think I ever spoke to her."