WWE News: Real Backstage Reaction To Becky Lynch’s Pregnancy Revealed

Becky Lynch announces pregnancy

On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Becky Lynch announced that she’d be taking time off to have a baby. The superstar cut a highly emotional promo that ended with her bursting into tears and awarding the Raw Women’s Championship to Asuka. While most fans believed Asuka knew about the plans going into the segment, she was actually unaware of Lynch’s situation, according to a WWE Hall of Famer.

As quoted by Pro Wrestling Sheet, D-Von Dudley was a guest on the latest episode of the Table Talk podcast. During the interview, he opened up on how WWE’s locker room reacted to the segment, revealing that Lynch’s revelation came as a shock to several talents.

“We were watching the segment just like everyone else was at home. And, if I’m not mistaken, I believe Asuka didn’t know. So, the reaction that she gave was extremely genuine and natural. The response when she did say you’re gonna go off to be WWE women’s champion now and I’m going to go off to be a mother, everybody in the room just went, ‘what?!’ Nia, Lana, Tamina, and I don’t want to say the other girl because if I do it might take away from her meanness.”

The segment on Monday Night Raw was a rare example of an unscripted promo, and all of the emotion on display was sincere. As The Inquisitr previously reported, even Vince McMahon is pleased for Lynch, although he has a history of disciplining performers who get pregnant out of the blue.

The boss has reportedly given Seth Rollins time off to be with Lynch as they wait for their child to be born. This is surprising news, as WWE’s ratings have been poor in recent weeks, and several top stars are currently absent from television because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, McMahon appears to be supporting Lynch and Rollins for the time being.

Of course, not everyone has supported Lynch and Rollins’ decision to start a family. As The Inquisitr reported on Friday, Jim Cornette criticized Lynch for choosing to have a child now, as she makes a lot of money as a wrestler. He also noted that she’s still young enough to start a family down the line, before going on to discuss her “stretch marks.”

Lynch is expected to give birth in December, but her planned WWE return is unknown. In addition to starting a family, she’s also keen on navigating Hollywood. She has even been linked to a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though it’s yet to be confirmed.