May 16, 2020
WWE News: Update On Hall Of Famer Possibly Appearing At Next AEW PPV

Earlier this week, The Inquisitr reported that Sting is no longer under contract with WWE. This has fueled speculation that the Hall of Famer is on his way to All Elite Wrestling, and his former stablemate believes that's the case.

As quoted by Wrestle Zone, Booker T -- who was Sting's ally in Impact Wrestling's Main Event Mafia faction during their time in the company -- believes that the legendary performer will join the upstart promotion now that he's free of his WWE commitments.

According to Booker, most veteran superstars believe that they still have some gas left in the tank. He also claimed that they want to retire on a high note and on their own terms. Sting only wrestled two pay-per-view matches in WWE and he lost both of them. The second PPV match -- which was against Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship -- also resulted in the veteran superstar having to retire due to an injury.

Sting has since recovered from the injury, however, and he hasn't ruled out the possibility of wrestling again. While there have been rumors of him facing The Undertaker in a WWE ring, Booker thinks Sting could appear at an AEW show as early as next weekend.

"I could see Sting doing that because right now Sting probably still feels like he's got something left to give as well as Sting probably feels like he wants to end it. A lot of wrestlers have that bravado. They want to go out some special kind of way, you know what I'm saying. I think the rumors are true and I think they're saying, I'm just reading that 'WWE Hall of Famer will not appear at Double or Nothing PPV,' but that just could be smoke and mirrors."
While Booker thinks that Sting will end up joining AEW, he doesn't think the superstar should risk his well-being. He commented on the highly physical wrestling matches that take place in the company, which might not be a good idea for "The Icon," now that he's 61 years old. However, Booker does think he could work well with Chris Jericho.

If Sting does join AEW, he might not be used in an in-ring capacity. The company has a tendency to use legends as managers to current wrestlers, so he could join the likes of Tully Blanchard and Jake Roberts in that sort of capacity. It's possible he could appear at Double or Nothing for a one-off segment, similar to Bret Hart's role at last year's event.