‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Alexis Questions Her Identity After Losing Her License

Alexis Davis has been stripped of her attorney’s license after perjuring herself at Neil’s hearing a few weeks ago. General Hospital spoilers tease that she will be having a hard time figuring things out from here. Sam will be on hand the week of May 18 to help support her mom as well.

On Monday, Sam and Alexis will spend some time together, and their conversation will end up leading to Alexis’ dilemma on what to do with her life now that she isn’t allowed to practice law anymore. As SheKnows Soaps indicated, Neil and Alexis both got into trouble and are now facing major consequences. They both lost their jobs due to not being able to stay away from each other and lying about it. Alexis is wondering who she is now that she isn’t a lawyer.

The current print edition of Soap Opera Digest explains that Alexis just can’t think about much of anything other than her life as it stands right now and what to do with it. Sam thinks that she can help her mom by getting her out of the house, but that seemingly proves to not work as well as she had hoped.

Sam may even be a little afraid that Alexis will once again start drinking. She did take a drink a few weeks earlier when she and Sam had words. This difficult time in her life may leave Alexis feeling very vulnerable and worried, and that may lead to another downfall.

General Hospital spoilers say that now that Neil and Alexis are free to be together, they have so far opted not to. They are both struggling with their new lives without the jobs that they love, and that may be a major obstacle in their relationship.

Alexis recently spilled to her girls that she fell off the wagon that one night, and they were shocked. Sam already knew about it, but Molly and Kristina were in the dark until just recently. Now all three Davis girls wonder if their mom will be okay after all that has happened.

Will Alexis make the right decision on how to move forward from her life as an attorney? Something may happen that will ensure she is able to practice law once again. Or maybe a new opportunity will present itself in the near future for Alexis. She and Neil will also need to make a decision on whether to move forward with their relationship.

This past week on General Hospital, Neil paid a visit to Julian at Charlie’s Pub. He was angry that Julian caused his ex to lose her license. That’s when Julian told Neil that he needs to fight for her because they obviously have strong feelings for each other. Whether they end up pursuing a long-term relationship remains to be seen.

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