May 15, 2020
Hailey Baldwin Says Getting Back With Justin Bieber Took A 'Huge Leap Of Faith'

Hailey Baldwin said getting back together with her now-husband, Justin Bieber, wasn't the easiest decision to make.

Before tying the knot to Bieber in September of 2018, Baldwin opened up about the rocky patches the couple faced in their relationship. After being on and off for several years, Bieber and Baldwin reconnected in June, 2018.

While speaking to Natalie Manuel Lee for Hillsong Church's YouTube channel, Baldwin said she didn't want the couple to fall into their old patterns. She wanted to make sure he was fully committed and leaned on her faith to make her decision, per Us Weekly.

"I think I always knew if we did ever work things out and get back together, it was going to be a situation where it was very serious and we were gonna get married or [it] was going to lead to that," Baldwin told Lee. "I didn't necessarily know what the timeline was gonna be. I just trusted and I think [it] was such a huge leap of faith. And I just trusted the people I knew [who] had watched me go through the whole journey with him, without him and then back together with him."

Two of the people Baldwin said she consulted with were her parents, Stephen and Kennya. She said they both "absolutely adore him," and wanted her to go back to Bieber. Her mother, specifically, felt he was Baldwin's one true love, even in the times when she herself had doubts about their relationship.

In addition to her own feelings, Baldwin considered how Bieber had changed since they first got together. After deciding to defeat his past addictions and behaviors, she said she saw he was making positive strides in bettering himself, which solidified her decision to take him back.

Although they've been friends since 2011, Baldwin and Bieber got together for the first time in 2015. After their first breakup, Bieber briefly got back together with his ex, Selena Gomez. The pair called it quits for good the same year the singer got back together with Baldwin.

Shortly after their reunion, Baldwin was compared to the actress and Bieber's other exes. Both she and Bieber opened up about the comments she received on their Facebook Watch show, The Biebers.

On the show, Baldwin admitted that she has a problem with the things people say about their relationship. She also said the remarks make her feel incompetent as Bieber's wife. Thankfully, her husband has defended her against the commenters multiple times on social media.