Hailey Baldwin Says Comparisons To Justin Bieber’s Exes Make Her Feel Like ‘Less Of A Woman’

Hailey Baldwin doesn’t love being compared to Justin Bieber‘s exes. In a live stream as part of their Facebook Watch show The Biebers, Baldwin answered questions from fans and discussed how difficult it is to hear opinions from other people about her marriage.

“It is definitely not easy. Justin knows I have a hard time with the things people say and the ways people make comparisons… The way they have made me feel like less of a woman,” Baldwin says in the clip.

Bieber famously dated Selena Gomez and several other famous faces before settling down with Baldwin. The model continued by saying that although the comparisons can sometimes be hurtful, she tries to be the bigger person as often as she can. She said that the trolls leaving the comments are probably going through difficult situations themselves, which is the reason they made the hurtful remarks in the first place.

“I think when people have a lot to say or go out of their way to make people feel less than, it is because they are going through something bad. It helps to remind myself that that person is going through something themselves,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin also said that, while some fans may think they understand her relationship with Bieber, there’s a lot about the couple that the public doesn’t understand. She says that, on more than one occasion, people have made up things that aren’t true. Bieber and Baldwin were first married in 2018 and were married again just a year later.


Bieber also discussed his own issues with jealousy in the clip and says that Baldwin was the one who helped him work through them. He said that some of the insecurities he now knows he has were things that he wasn’t aware of before he decided to marry Baldwin. He said that, before marrying her, his life was full of “blind spots.”

He said that those issues were difficult to work through, but it paid off in the end.

“I feel like now that I’ve worked through a lot of that stuff, you and I are closer than ever,” the “Yummy” singer said.

Currently, Bieber and Baldwin are quarantining together in their home in Canada. In previously released segments from the show, the couple has discussed Bieber’s struggle with depression, and the reasons why they broke up and got back together. In that segment, Baldwin said that their time apart was ultimately good for both of them, and allowed her to grow as her own person.

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