‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Brittany Cartwright Talks Being In The Middle Of Jax Taylor’s Drama With The Cast

Brittany Cartwright is often forced to smooth things over between Jax Taylor and their co-stars.

Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor appear on 'Vanderpump Rules.'
Nicole Weingart / Bravo

Brittany Cartwright is often forced to smooth things over between Jax Taylor and their co-stars.

Brittany Cartwright appeared on Stassi Schroeder’s podcast on Friday, May 15, and during the episode, the Vanderpump Rules cast member admitted that it can be challenging to be stuck in the middle of her husband Jax Taylor’s drama with his co-stars.

After Stassi admitted that Brittany has been known to be caught in the middle of a lot of the cast’s drama, including the feud between her and her former best friend, Kristen Doute, Brittany said it is especially hard being stuck between Jax and their castmates during reunion tapings.

“It can be hard,” Brittany admitted on Straight Up with Stassi.

“For instance, when we do reunions and stuff and everybody’s coming after Jax, that can be really hard, as his wife, to deal with.”

While Brittany does her best to keep it cool, calm, and collected when her Vanderpump Rules co-stars are going after her husband, she said that she can’t help react to certain allegations that are made against him. So, when it comes to working through the drama amongst them, Brittany makes sure to stay very honest and very open and “always tell the truth.”

Brittany also said that because she knows her husband has made a lot of mistakes with his castmates on the show, she tries to smooth things over between them and mend the relationships that have been broken or damaged.

As for why she is so patient with everyone, Brittany, who has been appearing on the show since Season 4, told Stassi she doesn’t want to lose her and the rest of the Vanderpump Rules cast as friends.

“I love all you guys and I try to make things work, I guess,” she shared.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Jax was confronted about his past mistakes on Vanderpump Rules weeks ago on Twitter by a fan who wanted to know if he had any regrets about his eight seasons on the show.

“Of course I do,” Taylor replied.

“I was reckless with my life and I didn’t care about anyone or anything, downward spiral was happening. I was a complete wreck of a person. But it took me to hit rock bottom to figure it out.”

In another tweet around the same time, Jax said that he and his wife have done a lot to help people that their fans and followers online don’t know about, and they continue to do their acts of charity even when cameras aren’t rolling.