WWE News: Former Superstar Blasts Hall Of Famer For Allegedly Burying Him On His Podcast

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Former WWE superstar Lio Rush took to social media on Thursday morning to revisit his past issues with Mark Henry, accusing the Hall of Famer of taking to his podcast last year to paint him in a negative light.

In the first in a series of Twitter posts, Rush explained to his followers that he woke up remembering how Henry allegedly used his Busted Open Radio podcast to “bury” him for lying “to his face” and accuse him of not budgeting his earnings properly. He denied any accusations of poor spending habits, stressing that among other responsibilities, he had a wife and two children to prioritize when it came to the money he earned in WWE.

In another tweet, Rush retweeted a follower’s screenshots of past articles detailing his real-life feud with Henry. He also expressed his disappointment over the remarks the wrestling legend made about him on his show.

“This right here…… was trash like behavior and i couldn’t believe what i was hearing. Had so much respect for him until he said this….PUBLICLY might i add.”

One of Rush’s other posts on the social media platform on Thursday morning saw him accuse certain unnamed individuals in the wrestling business of making it a “miserable experience” for other people, despite how it is supposed to bring enjoyment to competitors and viewers alike. He addressed Henry directly in another tweet, saying that he is “tired of the bullsh*t” and asking the former World Heavyweight Champion to invite him on Busted Open so they could clear the air in a public setting.

Lio Rush poses in the ring while wearing the Cruiserweight Championship belt.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Rush’s feud with Henry started in May 2019, shortly after reports claimed that the younger wrestler had gotten backstage heat for rubbing multiple colleagues the wrong way. After Rush tried to explain his side of the story in an interview with Fightful, Henry claimed on Busted Open Radio that the then-Monday Night Raw superstar lied to him about not having any issues with his co-workers and rebuffed his attempts to lend a hand as a veteran performer.

In addition to his most recent posts about Henry, Rush also raised some eyebrows earlier this month when he posted a cryptic tweet that seemed to hint at plans to retire from professional wrestling and focus on his budding music career. He later doubled down on those comments in an interview with Sportskeeda, further suggesting that certain events during his in-ring career had “traumatized” him as a lifelong fan who had always wanted to become a pro wrestler.