JoJo Siwa Went Without Showering For A Week While Filming ‘Dance Moms,’ Slept In Her Signature Ponytail

JoJo Siwa is opening up about her years filming 'Dance Moms.'

JoJo Siwa smiles at the camera.
Andrew Toth / Getty Images

JoJo Siwa is opening up about her years filming 'Dance Moms.'

The dancer, actress, and television personality JoJo Siwa opened up in a recent interview about her years filming Dance Moms, and particularly the less than perfect hygiene she had at the time. The now 16-year-old says she rarely showered while filming, sometimes going as long as a week between bathing sessions, according to US Weekly.

Back in those days of heavy dancing, nearly all of JoJo’s time was dedicated to the show. Her energy was entirely devoted to memorizing routines and performing. Thus, her personal hygiene began to fall by the wayside, including her hair care. At the time, she would rarely take her hair out of her infamous ponytail. The habits JoJo had when she was younger disgust her now.

“Back on ‘Dance Moms,’ we were all very lazy with getting ready is what I’ll say. To think back to those days, I could go a week without showering. Literally, what I would do is I would put my hair in a ponytail. I’d fall asleep with it in a ponytail. I would wake up and I would just re-slick it. Like I’d just spray down my wispies and I’d go on with my day. So nasty.”

JoJo first appeared in Season 4 of Dance Moms and later became an official member of dance instructor Abby Lee Miller’s elite team during Season 5. She stood out from the other girls with her high level of confidence, bubbly personality and of course, her bold style.

While she has admittedly not always taken proper care of her hair, JoJo’s high ponytail and big, bright bows have become what she is known for. In fact, she’s made an empire based upon the accessory, called JoJo’s Bows. The bows are sold at the girls’ clothing and accessories store Claire’s and have helped her earn millions of dollars. Even though she’s older now and many people have pressured her to make her image more age-appropriate, she does not feel a need to change up her signature look.

“And as I got older, it just kind of just stayed with me. I just never felt a need to do anything different,” she said.

While JoJo’s audience and customer base is primarily younger girls, she’s gained the attention of celebrities as well. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Miley Cyrus once asked her to spend a couple of hours with her to watch her rehearsal. This meant the world to JoJo, who had been a fan of Miley for many years.