Miley Cyrus Inspires Jojo Siwa After Inviting Her To Stop By Rehearsal: ‘The Best 2 Hours Of My Life’

To Jojo Siwa, Miley Cyrus is the real deal. She is someone to look up to, to emulate, to idolize. The teen who initially became famous for her appearances on Dance Mom has been following Miley for as long as she can remember.

“I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today without her. She has been my favorite since day one,” stated the younger singer, who had been invited to Miley’s rehearsal this past weekend. The two-hour gettogether, which Jojo called “the best two hours of my life,” was immortalized on both artists’ Instagram accounts.

The situation occurred as Miley was getting ready to headline Australia’s upcoming “World Tour Bushfire Relief” concert on March 13 at Lakeside Stadium in Melbourne. That’s when she ran into Jojo at the same rehearsal studio. The 16-year-old social media star couldn’t be more pleased with the brief connection, and she was even happier when she joined Miley as she mouthed the words to her 2014 song “4 x 4” when the artist who wrote the tune was vocalizing.

Not long after the singing started, the dancing did too. Jojo was up on her feet, giving it her all while Miley was at her mic, doing the same thing. The country rap tune was spotlighted when “4 x 4” appeared on Miley’s fourth studio album Bangerz and will apparently be on the setlist for the upcoming charity concert, which also will include appearances by Lil Nas X, The Veronicas, and DJ Seb Fontaine.

While Miley rehearsed, she rocked a goth-like ensemble featuring a tiny black crop top paired with shiny black pants augmented by a bunch of safety pins hanging from her waistband. She also wore black boots and a black cap.

Jojo was dressed in a sweatshirt bearing her logo, jeans, high top sneakers, and her signature hair bow, a giant accessory pretty tough to miss.

Fans of both artists were quick to notice the performer’s Instagram posts. Among Miley’s 105.2 million followers, her update received nearly 201,000 likes and more than 2,200 comments within two days of going live.

“OMGGGG iconic af,” stated one follower.

“I meeeean please sing Drive, Someone Else and My Darlin’ again,” remarked a second fan, who added a heart-eye cat and a red heart emoji.

Meanwhile, the “Boomerang” hitmaker’s 9 million Instagram followers were also enamored of the meeting between Jojo and Miley. Her post earned more than 134,000 likes and nearly 600 comments within a day of going live.

“Im glad you met her,” said one follower.

“So happy for you she is one of my idols as well,” gushed another admirer, who added a heart-eye face emoji.