Help Police Identify Abandoned Toddler

South Carolina police need help identifying an abandoned toddler. The 2- to 3-year-old little girl was left on a front porch in Anderson County with a note pinned to her diaper.

Police are frustrated as they have received very few tips and have virtually no information about the abandoned child. The little girl has brown eyes and black hair and appears to have several “surgical scars” on her chest and neck.

Police are reportedly working with medical professionals to determine the nature of the surgeries. One scar is located on the right side of her neck and the other is in the middle of her chest, indicating possible heart surgery.

As reported by My Fox Atlanta, the note on the toddler’s diaper simply stated “call DCAF please.” Police think the acronym may refer to the Georgia Department of Family and Children.

The Anderson County Sheriff needs help identifying the abandoned toddler as they fear she has unknown medical concerns. She has been placed with a foster family through Emergency Protective Custody.


As reported by WYFF4 News, the abandoned toddler has both ears pierced and her hair was braided. She wears size “24 months” clothing. When she was found, she was wearing a white shirt that said “Auntie Loves Me.” She was wearing a “Dora The Explorer” hat and boots.

Anderson County authorities are working with detectives in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina in an attempt to identify the little girl. Garland Major of the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department has stated that the child’s parents do not qualify for immunity under “Daniel’s Law,” as it is meant for children less than a month old.

Major states that any criminal charges against the parents would depend on the circumstances, many of which remain unknown. They believe she was well cared for before the abandonment.

Anyone with information that may help police identify the abandoned toddler is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 888-CRIMESC (274-6372) or the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department at 864-260-4400.