Melissa Gorga Is Stunning In New Series Of Mother’s Day Snaps

Monica SchipperGetty Images

Melissa Gorga, one of the stars of Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, is stunning in a series of new photos taken on what appears to have been a spectacular Mother’s Day for both the reality star and her family. Melissa remains in self-quarantine at her New Jersey home but appeared to have a full day enjoying time with her children and mother, documenting her experiences on social media.

Melissa shared three separate uploads from her day. This featured son Gino and daughter Antonia, two of her three children with husband Joe Gorga, as well as her mother Donna Marco. Son Joey was not seen in the images shared on Instagram.

Earlier in the day, Melissa posted a tribute to her mom Donna, who appeared to be enjoying a Mother’s Day celebration with her daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren. The first image shows Melissa and her mother seated at a table decorated with bright, floral dishes and pastel tableware. It appears that the family enjoyed brunch together. Orange juice was seen on the table along with fruit and a bottle of champagne. Mother and daughter posed together holding champagne glasses. Other photos in that upload also featured Melissa’s godmother Angel, who did not share the day at the Gorga home. She was featured in other images taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the second share, Melissa is seen with daughter Antonia doing a dance made popular on the Tik Tok app. Mother and daughter were together in the backyard of their home. Melissa wore a red sweatshirt that had a white heart and the word “love” featured upon it. She also sported oversized sunglasses, black leggings, and gray sneakers for the clip. Antonia wore a black T-shirt and leggings as she danced with her mother. They happily kicked toward one another, touching legs and heels as they performed the intricate choreography for the camera.

In the third and final share for the day, Melissa posted a close-up image of herself and son Gino. She called him her “shy one” and applauded his heart and sincerity in the caption of the pic where mother and son were seen leaning into one another in a show of affection. Melissa wore a white T-shirt that said “mama” on it. Her tresses were tied away from her face with a red bandana and her makeup appeared to be applied with a lighter hand than she uses for her public appearances and on camera. Gino smiled slightly for the pic, happy to share the spotlight with his mom on her special day.