Donald Trump Campaign Reportedly Launching Swing State Offensive Against Joe Biden

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President Donald Trump‘s 2020 re-election campaign is gearing up to launch a series of “tailored” attacks against Joe Biden, reports Axios.

According to the report, Trump’s team is preparing an ad blitz to attack the Democratic Party’s presumptive presidential nominee over issues such as trade, foreign policy, and climate change.

Trump’s advisers have reportedly been looking for new ways to attack Biden amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has caused an unprecedented economic crisis.

“A lot of people have told the president to be careful, or risk seeming tone deaf to the needs of the country right now,” an administration official revealed.

Shaped by extensive polling, the ad campaign will focus on swing states in the the industrial Midwest, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

To damage the Democratic Party’s standing in the Midwest, the Trump campaign reportedly plans on attacking Biden’s record on trade. The former vice president has vocally supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the North American Free Trade Agreement.

“He is going to try to campaign as ‘Joe Lunchbox from Scranton, Pa.’ But he will be exposed as ‘NAFTA Joe,’” an official briefed on the matter said.

In the state of Pennsylvania, Trump will attack Biden over climate change policy. The president’s campaign will reportedly try to paint the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee as a radical who has embraced the regulation-heavy Green New Deal. As Axios notes, Biden does not actually support the Green New Deal.

When it comes to Florida, Trump’s allies will attack Biden over his comments about relations between the U.S. and Cuba. The former vice president recently said that he would restore Barack Obama’s policies toward the country. According to a Trump official, the remarks could sink Biden in Florida.

“That would only make it easier for Cuba to help prop up [Venezuelan President Nicolás] Maduro if they were able to refill their coffers with American money. You try to sell that idea to Cuban Americans and Venezuelan Americans in Florida. Go ahead and try!” the official said.

Former Vice President Joe Biden holds a virtual campaign event in Chicago, Illinois.
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The Trump campaign’s national strategy for the 2020 presidential election has apparently not changed. The president’s team plans to attack Biden as “soft on China,” and the swing state-targeted attacks are just the latest edition to that tactic.

Polling suggests that Biden is ahead of Trump in a number of potential swing states. A Hart Research Associates survey released on Friday shows the former vice president with a significant advantage in North Carolina, Arizona, Maine, Montana, and Iowa, all of which are Senate battlegrounds.