May 10, 2020
Joe Theismann Offers Advice To Dak Prescott In Negotiations With Cowboys: 'Take The Money'

Joe Theismann has a word of advice for Dak Prescott in his negotiations for a long-term deal with the Dallas Cowboys — just take the money.

The Cowboys have reportedly offered to make the Pro Bowl quarterback one of the highest-paid players in the league, but the two sides have not been able to reach a deal. Theismann, the former quarterback turned analyst, said he believes Prescott should accept the offer.

"Dak Prescott's situation confuses me a bit," Theismann told JR SportBrief, via CBS Sports Radio. "If I was advising Dak Prescott, I would say, 'Take the money. The aggravation to go through, the unknowns if you happen to go through a year, the free agency – yes, they've committed a lot of money to Amari [Cooper]. Yes, they've committed a lot of money to Zeke. But that's a lot of money. What are you looking for? Another couple million? You're never going to see the last year of this contract anyway.' "

"You're not a top-five quarterback in the National Football League. You're a good football player. You have the potential to be better, but what have you done?"
As Theismann hinted, Prescott is believed to have a massive offer on the table right now that he has yet to accept. Cowboys beat writer Mike Fisher tweeted that the Cowboys have offered Prescott a five-year, $35 million APY contract that included more than $100 million in guaranteed money. Theismann added that he thought it was "crazy" that Prescott was seeking more than what the Cowboys had offered.

Other reports have indicated that both the Cowboys and Prescott have been unwilling to budge in the negotiations. As The Inquisitr reported earlier this week, the Cowboys have made it clear that the franchise tag put on the quarterback won't be pulled over the course of the negotiations. Cowboys team president Stephen Jones said during an interview with Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk that Prescott is the team's quarterback of the future, but the team needs to find the right number for an extension.

Prescott is set to make $31.4 million this season if the two sides can't come to an agreement on an extension. It would become more costly to Dallas if the impasse were to continue beyond this season, as the Cowboys would need to offer Prescott $37.68 million in 2021 if they wanted to keep him from becoming a free agent. Reports have indicated that the Cowboys hope to have the issue resolved by then.

The Cowboys have already made a significant investment into the quarterback position this offseason, signing veteran and longtime Bengals starter Andy Dalton to a one-year deal to serve as a backup to Prescott.