WWE News: Former Superstar Maria Kanellis Shares Revealing ‘Laundry Day’ Photos On Twitter


Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett were recently released from WWE, but the married couple doesn’t appear to be letting the experience get to them. Kanellis recently took to Twitter to share some revealing photos from the couple’s “laundry day,” which she claims were taken by her husband.

In the photos, Kanellis is wearing a shirt and little else. In one picture, she appears to be having a conversation on the phone. In another, she is sitting on a couch with their dog. The accompanying captions also reveal that the recently released couple has been staying at home, waiting for the lockdown to be over so life can get back to normal.

The photos caught the attention of Kanellis’ 444,000 followers, several of whom flooded the comments section with their flattering sentiments. One follower called the former WWE superstar “gorgeous,” while another stated that her husband “must love laundry day.”

Kanellis’ photos were released to give fans an idea of what her husband gets to see everyday, and many followers commented on how lucky he is. A few Twitter users made more inappropriate comments, claiming that the images will result in the couple having a third baby.

This isn’t the first time that Kanellis has shared some revealing snaps in recent times either. As documented by Ringside News, she recently took to social media to share a mirror selfie which saw her pose in her underwear, leaving little to the imagination. Kanellis claimed that she was going “back to work,” possibly meaning that she’s trying to grow her brand during the lockdown.

Kanellis and her husband are currently waiting out their 90-day non-compete clause and waiting for the pandemic to be over before they decide their next career move. However, Kanellis’ social media has been gaining plenty of attention and keeping their names in the spotlight.

It remains to be seen what the couple’s plans are as soon as they’re able to wrestle again. While they will likely field offers from all around, Bennett has already hinted that they could return to New Japan Pro Wrestling. Bennett experienced some success there prior to joining WWE, and he’ll be keen to rejoin one of the hottest promotions on the planet.

The couple also started a podcast in recent weeks which sheds some light on their WWE experience and their recent releases. They are certainly keeping busy during their quiet time, much to the delight of their fans.