Spoilers For 'General Hospital': Nelle & Valentin Still Have Some Tricks Up Their Sleeves

Nelle Benson is one smart cookie. She has been manipulating ever since she arrived in Port Charles, and the next two weeks on General Hospital will prove that she is not done just yet. She is out to gain full custody of her son, Wiley, and she will go to great lengths to win.

Fans know that Nelle is not thinking of what is best for her son. He goal is seemingly to make Carly and Michael suffer. According to spoilers by SheKnows Soaps, Nelle will somehow come up with a plan, and it's expected to be big. She has recently asked Nina whether she will testify on her behalf at the hearing, but Nina told her that she may not be the best one to do that. Of course, she was pretty close to saying yes. Now Nelle may have to go another route.

By the looks of the General Hospital spoilers that are coming up, Nelle will figure out something else, and her new plans may have something to do with Julian Jerome. On Monday, she will approach him and ask for a favor. She will overhear Brook Lynn Quartermaine mentioning the fact that Julian tampered with Brad's vehicle, causing the terrible accident that left Lucas in a coma. That will be Nelle's leverage against Julian to strike a deal with him.

There is also the matter of her association with Valentin Cassadine. These two men may be the means to an end for Nelle Benson. General Hospital fans are convinced that she will end up marrying either Julian or Valentin. According to spoilers, Valentin will be making some kind of announcement, as will Nelle. Are those hints that these two will be making the exact same announcement?

Valentin's may be a bit different as he is currently busy trying to get control of ELQ. That could be his big news -- that his business propositions have led him to this shining moment. That would leave Julian to be manipulated into Nelle's plan. Valentin may be too smart to fall into Nelle's web of deceit to gain custody of Wiley. He has already had a confrontation with her over not having her child's best interests at heart.

Spoilers tease that Valentin will have to move quickly because of Brook Lynn. She is trouble and he needs to get things done before she ruins things for him. No one knows that he is the one who is gunning to take over ELQ, except possibly Nelle.