May 8, 2020
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Julian's In A Bind After Nelle Gets The Goods On Him

General Hospital spoilers for the week of May 11 reveal some juicy details regarding a plan that Nelle Benson will implement. She is about to face off against Michael Corinthos in a courtroom and she will soon turn to Julian Jerome for some help.

Nelle and Julian are hardly on good terms with one another. However, the sneak peek for Monday's show revealed that she would have a deal to offer him, and new details about have just emerged.

The new issue of Soap Opera Digest shares the scoop. Apparently, Brook Lynn will reach out to Julian to bail her out at the PCPD since it sounds as if her father, Ned, will decline the opportunity.

After leaving the PCPD, Brook Lynn and Julian must head back to Charlie's Pub and chat for a bit. As fans know, she isn't terribly shy about using the leverage she has against him to get help when she needs it.

Brook Lynn knows that Julian tampered with Brad's car. As fans know, that tampering is what caused the accident that almost killed Lucas and ultimately sparked the Wiley bombshell to drop.

So far, Julian has kept his involvement in all of this a secret to Lucas, the Quartermaines, and the Corinthos crew. He is about to face a new threat regarding this secret, though.

During Monday's show, Brook Lynn will inform Julian that she will never tell anybody else that he was responsible for the car accident. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nelle will happen to be at Charlie's and overhear this delicious tidbit.

It turns out that Nelle isn't going to waste any time in utilizing the scoop she overheard.

When Nelle initially approaches Julian, General Hospital spoilers detail that he won't feel compelled to pay any attention to her. However, that attitude will change quickly.

"Nelle will use every means at her disposal to even the odds with Michael and Willow," teases co-head writer Chris Van Etten.

Just what will Nelle decide she needs from Julian? Spoilers haven't revealed that yet, but there is speculation that she may force him to marry her. It could also be that she tries to pressure him to intervene in some way that gives her a leg-up over Michael in some other sense.

Whatever Nelle decides she wants, it sounds as if Julian won't feel as if he has any option other than to agree to her terms. The buzz is that he is soon going to face an incredibly difficult decision that leaves him facing troubling consequences. Being forced to help Nelle in any sense certainly fits the bill.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Nelle will be making a grand entrance later in the coming week. That would seem to suggest that whatever she has in mind in relation to Julian goes the way she wants, as it sounds as if she'll walk into the courtroom feeling confident.

Will Nelle's blackmail and manipulation of both Julian and Nina provide what she needs to come out of the courtroom victorious? General Hospital spoilers hint that it's going to be a wild ride watching this play out, and viewers will see much of it come during the week of May 11.