Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Finn Is Stunned During A Run-In With Willow

Michael Easton and Josh Swickard play Finn and Chase on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Spoilers for Thursday’s episode of General Hospital detail that Finn will have a conversation with Willow that will seemingly leave him rather surprised. Finn had expected his brother Chase to come clean with Willow, but it looks like he is about to learn that did not happen.

The sneak peek for Thursday’s show reveals that Finn and Willow will cross paths with one another, seemingly at GH. It appears that this conversation will be rather confusing for the two of them.

As Willow and Finn talk, she will apparently make some mention of her split with Chase, perhaps referencing his supposed affair with Sasha. Given Finn’s last conversation with Chase, Willow’s comments will bewilder him.

Finn will say something about how Chase was supposed to talk to her and explain everything. Willow looks confused as she listens to Finn, and chances seem good that he will stop short of detailing exactly what it is that Chase was supposed to explain.

Whether it’s the expression on Willow’s face or something she says after this, Finn will probably realize that Chase didn’t follow through. As viewers saw last week, he was on the brink of telling Willow the truth, but he stopped himself.

Both Carly and Finn figured out almost immediately that Sasha and Chase had faked this fling. However, Willow and Michael fell for the farce and General Hospital spoilers hint that nobody is going to set them straight anytime soon.

It sounds as if Finn will catch himself before he has said anything too specific that would expose his brother’s lie. The truth will surely emerge at some point, but it doesn’t sound as if this will happen in time to stop Willow and Michael from getting married.

According to Soap Central, both Willow and Michael will try to focus on what seems most important, and that probably means focusing on Wiley. During Thursday’s show, viewers apparently will see Michael make a significant decision.

It is almost time for the court hearing where Michael and Nelle are battling over custody of Wiley. Both of them are scrambling to bolster their case against the other, and General Hospital spoilers hint that Willow will indeed become an integral piece of what comes next. In fact, it sounds as if she and Michael will be coordinating a plan very soon with a lot of developments coming next week.

Finn will surely be frustrated with Chase upon learning that his brother has stuck with this lie. At the same time, it doesn’t appear that he will be the one to tell Willow the truth. Fans have a hunch that by the time all of the details about what really happened surface, it’ll be too late to save either Michael and Sasha or Chase and Willow’s romances.