Pennsylvania Cop Arrests Alleged Prostitute … After

Detective Ronald DePellegrin was working a sting operation to nab an alleged prostitute he had met online, but he must have forgotten he was on the clock, because he didn’t arrest her until … well … after.

The Smoking Gun reports that DePellegrin was working a prostitution sting with the Homestead Police Department, through which he met 22-year-old Diana Gross online and convinced her to meet up. The March operation resulted in her arrest on four prostitution-related charges, but DePellegrin didn’t exactly escape punishment for his part.

See, he actually disrobed, allowed Gross to put a condom on him, and even performed a bit of fellatio on the good detective before he told her he was a cop.

“By the end of your session with me Your once wished fantsay’s [sic] will no longer just be dreams But finally your reality!,” Gross’ online ad read. DePellegrin answered the ad, calling the number an arranging a $145 half-hour session with her.

According to DePellegrin’s report, he picked up baby wipes and condoms before the meet (per Gross’ request), and met her at a hotel. The following is pretty much a script from FX’s The Shield.

“Beckie [Gross’ nom de guerre] asked me if I was a cop. I told her no and asked her if she was one. She told me no.” He says she then exposed her breasts and “instructed me to touch her,” to which he apparently complied.

DePellegrin’s report continues that Gross then “asked me if she could grab me. At this she grabbed my groin,” as she “totally undressed.” She told him to do the same, he did, and “Beckie took a condom and placed it on me.”

So there’s your probable cause for prostitution. But DePellegrin just had to be sure.

“Beckie started to perform oral sex on me when I said oh sh** the cops are coming,” DePellegrin stated. “Beckie stopped performing the act and looked out the window.”

DePellegrin then took off the condom, put his clothes back on, announced himself as a cop, and arrested Gross. But it doesn’t end there.

Gross has a lawyer, Michael Waltman, who called DePellegrin’s actions “outrageous,” and said that a civil rights lawsuit against the police is a possibility.

Here’s doubting DePellegrin will get off on the “I’m a method cop” defense.