Ryan Seacrest Shows Off New Home Set For 'Live With Kelly & Ryan'

Ryan Seacrest showed off his new home set-up for his part in the remote broadcast of Live with Kelly and Ryan. The talk show host debuted the new area as he readied himself for yet another episode with Kelly Ripa as they both shelter in place at their respective homes in New York City, where Live is taped.

In the Instagram photo shared by the show, Ryan looked happy at his new workspace. After weeks of cobbling together a place where he can safely broadcast, the streamlined area appears to be a great spot for him to share his thoughts alongside Kelly as well as record promos for both Live and American Idol, which he also hosts for ABC.

The kitchen area, where the set-up is placed, is spacious and sleek. In keeping with a modern look, the room is dominated with light walls and light-colored cabinets and drawers. Modern, stainless steel appliances line the kitchen area, providing a stunning contrast to the apartment's dark wood floors.

Ryan is standing at what appears to be a kitchen island, which can also be used for food prep and as extra counter space. The island has a butcher block top, along with a stainless steel bottom shelf and legs. For now, it is a workstation where Ryan's phone, computer, notes, a monitor, and paperwork are within easy reach so that he can seamlessly transition between topics with Kelly and be apprised of any last-minute changes made by the producers of the series.

Open shelving shows off tan earthenware dishes and bowls. Above Ryan's head is a stunning light fixture.

Ryan is wearing longer hair since it's nearly impossible to get a haircut in New York City, as barbershops and salons are currently considered non-essential businesses. He is wearing a dark t-shirt and blue jacket along with dark jeans and tennis shoes in the share.

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Fans loved the behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to create a live show during this strange time, as well as a sneak peek at Ryan's home. They shared their sentiments in the comments section of the post.

"Gorgeous cabinets and light fixture!!!!" commented one follower.

"Ryan you need a haircut!!! But I like it long," applauded a second Live with Kelly and Ryan viewer.

"Love this show. It provides so much warmth to these stressful days," stated a third Instagram user.

"Was he still using a laptop on a pile of books until today?" joked a fourth fan of Ryan's previous work setup.