Utah ‘Mountain Man’ Captured After Eluding Police For Six Years

Mountain man Troy James Knapp surrendered to Utah police after eluding capture for six years. The wanted man has been referred to as a survival expert who moved around the Utah mountains, taking weapons and food from cabins as he went. Knapp reportedly left notes to cabin owners “bragging” about stealing their goods.

Manti law enforcement officers took Troy Knapp into custody after a brief standoff on Tuesday. The mountain man fired off a few “harmless” shots before turning himself in to authorities. Sevier County Sheriff Nathan Curtis had this to say after the capturing the elusive burglary suspect:

“He was laughing with our guys. He said, ‘boy, you really snuck up on me.’ He threw his rifle down in the snow.”

Troy Knapp,45, is accused of stealing from dozens of cabins in the Utah mountains. Notes he left for several county sheriffs said, “Gonna put you in the ground.” Knapp’s messages to cabin owners reportedly often read, “Get off my mountain.”

The mountain man faces felony charges in four separate counties. He is also accused of shooting at both law enforcement officers and a police helicopter. Troy Knapp reportedly looked “sullen” after trading in his camo gear for jailhouse attire. Sanpete County Prosecutor Brody Keisel noted that Knapp will have his first court appearance on multiple felony charges in the coming days.

Knapp, who does not yet have an attorney, reportedly chatted freely with the police officers. He was allegedly “eager” to share the tales of his travels. He supposedly bragged that law enforcement officers only knew half of his deeds and showed them a map of his exploits.

Utah police officers think that Knapp stayed at cabins in the Manti-LaSal National Forest since last fall. Cabin owner Eugene Bartholomew also had his property broken into. The Wasatch Plateau mountain property is located in an area where the snow is still four feet deep in patches. Bartholomew said, “If he slept in the beds, that’s fine with me. As long as he didn’t tear up the place.

Dozens of Utah police officers chased the survival expert as he briefly tried to escape wearing snowshoes. When captured, the mountain man had a handgun and rifle. The location tip came on Good Friday after Knapp had a chance meeting with some hunters. US Forest Service officers we reportedly happy that the man simply put down his weapons when he realized a getaway was not possible.

[Image Via: Shutterstock.com]