Suri Cruise Haircut: Youngster Rocks New, Uneven Bangs On New York Outing

Suri Cruise’s haircut is making blog headlines today after the seven-year-old hit the New York streets with a new, choppy style.

Suri’s long locks remain, but are now combined with short, uneven bangs. Yahoo! suggests Suri wielded the scissors herself in a bout of childlike experimentation; that, or her jagged ‘do was a tribute to mom Katie Holmes’ style from last July’s Elle.

You’d think Katie would shell out some of the $400,000 she receives each month in child support from Tom Cruise for a salon appointment, but hey, perhaps there are playhouses to buy?

Yahoo! went on to ponder how Suri Cruise’s haircut would go down in the playground:

“We doubt she’ll be catching much flak for her new ‘do from her school pals. Because Suri is a mini trendsetter, we can only imagine that next week we’ll see all the kids at the swanky Avenues school, where she attends kindergarten, sporting the jagged cut.”

Suri and the relationship with her dad is currently the subject of an ongoing legal battle. Tom Cruise has launched a $50 million defamation lawsuit against In Touch and Life & Style magazines over allegations he abandoned his daughter Suri following his divorce from Katie Holmes.

The lawsuit has now moved into private mediation, though there remains a good chance the case could be heard in open court.

What do you make of Suri Cruise’s haircut? A childlike experiment or a style statement from the world’s most photographed seven-year-old?

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