Cincinnati Hosting Midwest Homeschool Convention

Cincinnati is once again hosting the Midwest Homeschool Convention. The event for families who have opted out of the traditional education system is expected to attract 15,000 attendees. The number of parents choosing to homeschool their children has reportedly grown significantly in recent years.

The Midwest Homeschool Convention has been held in Cincinnati for the past five years. The three-day educational event begins on April 4. The homeschool conference will include speeches by Dick Morris, Ron Paul, Gianna Jessen, and comedian Tim Hawkins. Paul is the keynote speaker on Saturday evening. The Midwest Homeschool Convention is being held at the Duke Energy Center.

Approximately 1.5 million American students are homeschooled, according to a 2007 Department of Education study. The educated at home population reportedly grew by 36 percent from a previous study on the topic by the National Household Education Survey Program in 2003.

The homeschool event also includes a children’s conference and teen track meeting. Sean McDowell, winner of the 2008 Educator of the Year Award for San Juan Capistrano, California, will lead the teen meeting, which also features a gospel message. One of the instructional highlights of the convention is a “Racing Into Physics” workshop.

Gianna Jessen’s latest recording, “Ocean Floor” is featured in the October Baby movie. Jessen is a motivational speaker who often discusses how she began life as an “abortion survivor,” was adopted by a loving family, and then homeschooled. She refers to her Cerebral Palsy as a “gift.” She weighed just two pounds at birth, and doctors initially thought she would never be able to hold up her head, let alone crawl or walk. During the third trimester of her 17-year-old biological mother’s pregnancy, Gianna Jessen was “burned alive” for about 18 hours inside the womb during a saline abortion.


Her Cerebral Palsy is believed to have been caused by the saline abortion. With the aid of a braces and a walker, she began walking at the age of three. Although she still walks with a slight limp, Gianna Jessen enjoys a full life and even runs marathons.

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