Father Shoots Family Dog, Slits Stomach To Retrieve Son’s Bitten Off Finger

Bradenton, FL – A father shot the family dog, slitting open the stomach in order to retrieve his son’s bitten off fingers that were swallowed by the canine.

Luis Brignoni, age 41, is a landscaper in Bradenton, Fliorida. Brignoni heard screams from the backyard, and he rushed out. Outside, he found his two sons beating the family dog over the head with a stick.

Brignoni’s 11-year-old son, Fernando, was screaming and bloody-handed. The older son, Luis Jr., was attempting to retrieve the bitten off finger from Malamute-wolf mix named Sassy. Brignoni tried to approach the dog himself, but Sassy swallowed the finger before he could do anything.

At this point, the father decided to the shoot the family dog. “I said, ‘I’ve got to go find the finger,'” Brignoni said. “I got my gun and I popped him.”

By the time Manatee County sheriff’s deputies arrive, Brignoni was already cutting his dead dog’s stomach open to recover the finger. They packed the finger in ice and rushed Fernando to the Tampa General Hospital. Unfortunately, surgeons determined the finger was too mangled to save.

Brignoni, who said he had been a hunter for many years, said that, as a father, shooting the family dog was hard, but he does not regret it. “You don’t know what you will do for your child,” Brignoni said. “You don’t know where you get the strength from.” He says the loss of the family dog Sassy is like “basically losing a family member…it was just really tough.”

Brignoni was remarkably calm about his son losing a finger: “He might be missing a finger but his other four are good. Everything he could do with five fingers he can do with four.”

What do you think about this father shooting the family dog in order to save his son’s bitten off finger?